Great South East presenter Liz Cantor lives her life on the road. In the lead up to the Easter holidays, she shared her tips on how to stay fashionable while on the road.

There’s a fine art to dressing for comfort and staying stylish at the same time and Liz Cantor has it down pat.

Her go-to travel ensemble consists of a plain white tee and ankle boots by NYC label, Rag and Bone, Koral black jeans, Chanel sunglasses and a Leopard print throw.

“It’s honestly my favourite outfit, because it’s just so comfortable! I like shoes that slip on and off so I avoid laces when flying,” she said.

Liz also layers in a few practical accessories, including a cashmere Chanel scarf, which goes on most trips with her.

“I get really cold on planes, so I like to have a scarf handy to wrap up in. They’re also a great back up eyemask.”

To complete the look she always has her two favourite bags in tow; a Balenciaga satchel and a fashion-forward Missoni travel bag in the label’s famous zigzag pattern.

“One to check in, and then the cross-body bag keeps my hands free for shopping on the go,” she said.

Some key staples that usually make it into the Missoni, include a one-piece swimsuit and denim shorts.

“If I am going somewhere warm, I love to pack my Cozi full piece which I can wear to lunch with denim shorts. Then I can wander down to the beach and lose the shorts for a swim afterwards,” she said.

As far as holiday destinations go, this jetsetter recommends Sydney for a shopping spree, and the Whitsundays, Croatia and the Maldives for an adventure.

“I love that feeling of living with your eyes wide open. Seeing things for the first time. New tastes, new experiences, new people and new adventures.”

Liz’s Travel Tips

  • Get in as much sleep as possible while you’re in the one spot, so at the first chance you have to move you can go, go, go!
  • Always carry hand sanitiser, as there’s nothing worse than getting sick on the road.
  • Invest in a kikki.K multi-coloured biro, and use the different colours to colour code information on your documentation, so it’s easy to find. For example, when you’re looking for an arrival time, it’s circled in purple! It just makes it that little bit easier when you’re battling jet lag, to find the information you need.
  • Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones are life savers on flights, and for when you’re staying in hotel rooms with lots of late night street noise, or party music!
  • A rose water hydration facial mist is great, both as a refresher for long car trips and hydration on flights.
  • Always keep a photocopy of your passport with you.

Want more travel tips? Catch Liz on the Great South East at 5.30pm every Sunday on Seven.

Model: Liz Cantor
Photographer: Hannah Klose
Photographer Assistant: Taylah Smith