Rachel Quilligan tried out the latest and greatest beauty innovations to hit Brisbane and you might be surprised by what made the list.

LED light therapy

Heard of phototherapy? Specialised light activates the skin’s rejuvenation process to help improve texture and tone, reduce stretch marks and cellulite, reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate circulation. It’s helped those with eczema, muscular and joint problems and cellulite.

Hopping into the space-age capsule and having the lights fire up was a strange experience, but still relaxing. The staff at Luxe Light Therapy were very friendly and informative and many of their clients had seen incredible results. If nothing else, taking an hour out of the day to lie still and relax helped me to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Take note: At least six weeks of treatments are recommended for optimum results. Be wary if you’re a migraine sufferer – while I had no adverse reaction, the flashing lights could be a trigger for some.

For more information visit Luxe Light Therapy or tel: 3269 2240

Mobile massages

Heading to a salon to indulge in a body scrub or massage is one thing, but having the salon come to you is completely another. Ripple Mobile Massage sends therapists to your home or office so you can enjoy pampering on your own terms. All you need is a room – they bring everything else. No need to wander out into the world after a treatment – you can stay and relax in the comfort of your home as they pack up and leave.

Their new Merlo coffee scrub smells absolutely divine and left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Coffee helps to reduce inflammation and redness while the coarseness of the beans works well to exfoliate and even reduce cellulite.

Take note: For scrubs your therapist will need access to running water and remember to keep pets locked away unless you want your relaxing treatment interrupted by a curious pooch.

For more information visit Ripple Massage or tel: 0438 567 906

Build your own beauty cream

Forget choosing a standard moisturiser off the shelf – beauty company Bespoque has developed a revolutionary way to customise your beauty cream. Their consoles are installed at Terry White Chemists and the easy step-by-step program allows you to outline your biggest skincare woes before formulating a targeted mixture that’s made just for you. The cream is then mixed and packaged in-store while you wait.

A global first, the Bespoque Skin Care system allows for almost half a million possible combinations, and gives you the ability to adapt your moisturiser formula as your skin care needs change.

I have to say this was actually the best moisturiser I’ve ever tried. The cream was nourishing but light and the gentle fragrance was delicious. My skin soaked it up and I don’t think my complexion has ever looked better. Clearly there’s something to be said for customised skin care.

Take note: If you’re struggling with the console just ask staff for help – the amount of choices can be a little overwhelming!
For more information visit Bespoque.