Women reveal the five surprising fashion mishaps that ruin men’s chances with them on race day.

When it comes to the Melbourne Cup, it’s no surprise that fashion trumps horses.

With this in mind it’s alarming to discover that a new survey has revealed attractive men are being overlooked on race day due to their poor fashion sense.

More than 100 Melbourne Cup enthusiasts were surveyed by Elite Singles and the results, much like the fashion in question, are not pretty.

According to the survey 50 per cent of men commit fashion crimes on race day,  54 per cent of women have turned down a man on race day due to cringe worthy fashion items and a huge 93 per cent of women said they would not consider dating a very attractive man who is wearing a poor-taste fashion item.

When asked what constitutes as a poor-taste fashion item, the results were unanimous: Novelty cufflinks, novelty sunglasses, cheap trilby hats, white leather shoes and coloured suits are the ultimate put-offs. In fact, more women said they would be receptive to an ugly well-dressed man than an attractive man wearing any of the aforementioned items.

The five  fashion items ruining men’s chances on race day

First place: The coloured suit, with 36 per cent of votes

Second place:  White leather shoes, with 32 per cent of votes

Third place: Novelty sunglasses, with 25 per cent of votes

Four place: The cheap trilby hat, with four per cent of votes

Fifth place: Novelty cufflinks, with three per cent of votes


Aside from fashion crimes, there are other things that men will do well to avoid on race day, namely heavy gambling.

Women revealed that if a man wins big on a bet, the most attractive thing for him to do would be to pocket the money and stop betting for the day, or to spend the money on celebrations with his friends. Only 7 per cent of voters said that continuing to place bets with the winnings would be an attractive scenario.

What are your thoughts on men’s Melbourne Cup fashion? What do you think are the big mistakes? Let us know in the comments!

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