Wondering how to achieve dark, vampy makeup this Halloween? We’ve got you covered.


The simplest way to tap into that sultry vampiress look is to choose a bold, dark lip. This doesn’t mean goth black – deep reds, mulberry tones and plum work just as well.

Ensure you use a lip liner to keep product contained and don’t be afraid to mix colours – a layer of black underneath red can create a deep, multi-level hue.

To create a softer look pair with subtle eye make-up – lashings of mascara and a sweep of light metallic eye shadow – or go all-out and be dramatic with both. It’s Halloween after all; theatrical is the aim of the game.


A strong brow is super on-trend at the moment and can really help to frame a gothic look. Use a spoolie brush to comb eyebrow hairs up and away from the nose – this evens out hairs and shows any sparse areas. Fill in with an eyebrow pencil and follow with a similarly coloured pressed powder to build colour. Finish with another run-through with the spoolie to soften and blend colour. Use translucent powder around the edges of brows to define. Remember, your eyebrows don’t have to match perfectly – they should be sisters, not twins!


A smoky eye is the go-to style for darker, vamp make-up looks, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Purples and plums are great variants on the typical black and grey look. If you’re feeling bold deep blues and emeralds are another fun option. Just be sure to use similar tones to create a gradient and don’t forget to blend. Frame with blacks and greys to contain the look and keep it gothic rather than tropic.

The key to any smoky-eye look is lining eyes in a soft black pencil and using a smudge brush or your finger to soften and smudge out product significantly. Using black or charcoal eye shadows as liner also helps to get a really smoky look.

Don’t forget to curl lashes and use several coats of mascara; or for a more dramatic look use false lashes to add oomph – go for fun, fancy varieties to add extra flair to your Halloween look.

Hot tip: After applying glue to false eyelashes wait 20 seconds for it to set before fixing them to your lash line – will reduce the mess and make the process much easier!