All the highlights and behind-the-scenes antics from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane’s opening night.

It took two cups of coffee, a litre of Coke, more Nurofen than is medically safe and a macaroon before I felt up to recounting the events of the Myer Spring Summer 15 Fashion Show which opened the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane last night, because boy, was it a doozy.

As many of you know from my past blog, I don’t have the best track record when it comes to attending fashion week events, but this year I was determined to be a cucumber — as in cool, calm and collected. But as we all know, the best laid schemes of mice, men and journalists often go awry.

It all started when my pre-event interview with Kris Smith (Myer ambassador, television presenter, model, former athlete and haver of piercing eyes and jovial accent) was bumped forward. So instead of calmly making my way down the red carpet with perfectly coiffed hair and a fully functioning voice recorder I found myself sprinting into Brisbane City Hall with a dash of red lipstick that was applied liberally in the back of my little brother’s car (as he was kind enough to deliver me to the venue, lest the Transport Gods saw fit to once again mess with me for their own amusement).

Just beyond the EPICURE VIP Runway Lounge, the Myer party was in full swing when I arrived, with champagne and canapés already freely flowing. Myer designers Gail Elliott (of Little Joe Woman), Charlie Brown and Arthur Galan were milling  about and the ever charming Alex Perry was sweetly asking for photos with young ladies who were adorned in his designs. I’d even go as far as to say it rivaled Disneyland for the title of the happiest place on earth, but with less sticky children and more women taking #blessed sefies.

My interview with Kris began with him taking my hand and telling me that my dress was lovely (thanks Kris, I picked it because it needed a shake instead of an iron) and that my lipstick was lovely. Good God, man, with that face there’s really no need to lay it on so thick. But since I was feeling a tad flustered (and pretty sure I’d only manged to line one of my eyes) I appreciated the small talk flattery that led into our chat.

Here are five things I now know about Kris Smith that you need to know too

He’s kind of got a thing for us, Brisbane

“I love coming to Brisbane and especially this festival because the fashion and the people are very relaxed but also evolving. I love when I get the chance to look around the city and I really enjoy the food. There are so many great restaurants, the one I tried during this trip was Fat Noodle. I ate a lot.”

His pre-catwalk regime includes fake spiders and checking his pants

“It can get a bit crazy backstage, so I like to play a few pranks and have a bit of fun. Not while anybody is getting dressed or anything like that though! It’s something I got from Jen Hawkins, actually, I like to do things backstage like hide fake spiders and scare people. It’s just so funny. I also make sure I check my fly too before I head out on stage, many times. Walking out with that unzipped would be the worst.”

Even he has fashion fears

“Sometimes I find it hard to step out of my comfort zone. I have a lot of blue, for some reason I’m just really drawn to it. But doing shows like this where I can see all the great clothes from Myer makes me want to try new things. There are some floral shirts in the new season Myer range that I’m particularly looking forward to wearing.”

He has sworn off laundry

“I did my own laundry for the first time a few weeks ago and I hated it. It was the worst thing, I didn’t stuff it up but I don’t want to do it again. I told my girlfriend that I’d do anything else, all the cleaning and all the cooking, as long as I didn’t have to do the laundry.”

He’s not totally opposed to creepy fan encounters (like this one)

“I really love having the chance to meet people at these events, but I still find it a little surreal that people care enough about me to stop and ask for a photo. But it’s nice.”

The Myer Spring Summer 15 Fashion Show was a brilliant pretty mix of all the things you can buy in Myer right now. The gift bags were stocked and drinks kept coming. That’s really all you need for a night out.

After the show a few guests climbed aboard the minibus with the Myer designers and ambassadors and after finding our seats, strapping in and being entertained by the boisterous Charlie Brown we set off… and rolled about five meters before we arrived at our destination, Public Restaurant. We were all pretty merry by that stage and I’m guessing the organisers thought it would be easier to send us on the world’s shortest bus ride rather than try and herd us all through the dark streets of Brisbane.

After the hustle and bustle of the show it was comforting to relax in a private room and enjoy a light five course meal and endless red wine. Everything from octopus with bisque sponge to perfectly sumptuous french fries were on the menu.

And so ends the first day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane. Stay tuned for more overly personal celebrity interviews and french fry critiques as the week progresses.