If there’s one stand-out trend from the Golden Globes red carpet this year, it’s that celebs (and their stylists) are confusing “daring” with “bizarre”.

We’ve muddled through the outrageous and boring to bring you the best and the worst of Golden Globes fashion. With a disappointing showing from those who usually hit and never miss (looking at you Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson), the best dressed nod was anyone’s for the taking. Unfortunately, “Wackiest Dress” seemed to be more sought after, with celebs going for outlandish and not necessarily flattering designs.

With American Hustle stirring up beauty and fashion circles alike we loved seeing the film’s influence filter onto the red carpet in frock designs, but the seventies aren’t the only decade getting love – fifties fashion flirts with forties glamour turning the 71st Golden Globes red carpet walk into a race through the ages.

The Weird

1. Emma Watson
John Shearer/AP

John Shearer/AP

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the motto of Emma’s stylist, too, who thought that pants underneath a half-dress seemed the right choice for red carpet glam at this year’s Golden Globes.

2. Sandra Bullock

The colours were daring but the shape was all wrong – Bullock’s had a killer year on screen but her success doesn’t seem to be continuing onto the carpet. Flawless hair and makeup couldn’t make up for the pastel-and-black ensemble.

3. Drew Barrymore

Missing your shower curtain? Drew might know where it is. While the hair and makeup said ‘sophisticated’, the dress said ‘I want to be an eight-year-old’s doona cover’.

4. Sofia Vergara

We appreciate the glam, high-impact look Vergara was trying to achieve with this dress, however the overall aesthetic ended up being more Ursula-the-Sea-Witch than red carpet diva.

“I’m banning black, white and cream from the red carpet,” adds fashion editor Laura. Matte black really doesn’t bring any wow factor to this ensemble.

The Good

John Shearer/AP

John Shearer/AP

1. Olivia Wilde

Wilde flaunts her baby bump in this figure-hugging ensemble, managing to look like a gorgeously-pregnant sea goddess (tousled locks and ocean green sequins will do that to a person).

2. Caitlin Fitzgerald

The sky blue is a refreshing shade to see and paired with pastel-striped shoes this quasi-vintage ensemble is all Grace Kelly charm and 1950s subtle glamour.

3. Taylor Swift

Punchy pink and a train added much needed glitz to the carpet – hair and makeup is old-Hollywood glamour while the black bodice adds a bit of rockstar. We like.


The bang on-trend – American Hustle inspired designs…

1. Amy Adams

Adams channeled her American Hustle character with a plunging seventies neckline. A clean up-do keeps attention on her decolletage and the red is right-on.

John Shearer/AP

John Shearer/AP

2. Kate Mara

This could actually be a dress from the film – Mara makes it modern with a smokey eye and soft up-do, but the metallic silver and plunging neckline is what this look is really all about.

3. Margot Robbie

Aussie Margot Robbie does us proud with a dress that taps the trend but is still all her own. Emerald green pumps match the jewelled embellishment and tie the look together nicely.

What were your favourite looks from the red carpet this year? Let us know what you loved and hated!