As the year draws to a close, naturally we want to look back on the year and reminisce. The fashion trends of 2013 ranged from pastel pinks to sport style – check out our breakdown of the best and worst!

The Good:

The ‘sport luxe’ trend finally found a space to be celebrated in 2013. Instead of sneaker wedges that made you feel like you were pretending to be an extra from Honey, we saw sport-influenced jerseys and singlets in basketball mesh filter into wardrobes, bringing a laid back, casual feel to street style. The influence of cropped tops was felt on runways and in stores, with more structured pieces like the Cypress Box crop from Camilla and Marc dressing up the look for night, and more relaxed fits (worn by Rihanna, above) pairing with high-waisted skirts or pants for day.

Colour-wise, the return of navy was lauded, especially as it wasn’t paired with the typical red and white nautical theme. With soft hues of pale pink and stark, head-to-toe white appearing, the palette this year was more than pleasing and gave everyone something to work with.

The Bad:

Two trends that really reached the end of their lifespan in 2012 somehow managed to outlive their time and stretch all the way through to the end of 2013: flower crowns and balayage. Somehow, flower crowns are receiving a resurgence, as though people aren’t aware they’ve been around for years. And balayage still appears, despite most of us chopping our locks and waving goodbye to the fun, easy-to-maintain hairstyle. People, please let these both die a natural and dignified death.

The other pitfall of the year was the leather (or leather-look) baseball cap. This is one of those aforementioned awkward sport luxe trends, but more than that, it strikes me as incredibly impractical in our hot Queensland climate. You might protect your face from the sun, but surely your scalp will be sweating like crazy?

The Ugly:

Largely existing in the domain of festival fashion, the two worst trends of 2013 are the butt cheek-revealing denim cutoffs and Native American headdresses. The denim hotpants that are less pant and more denim underwear are fairly self-explanatory, but the headdresses can be quite beautiful, I hear you argue. Beautiful they may be, but offensive they certainly are. Great spiritual and cultural significance is attributed to the headdresses in native culture – typically restricted to men, each feather of a headdress is supposed to be earned, and the headpiece is a token of great respect. Donning them to drink and dance at a musical festival, whether they look authentic or not, is cultural appropriation and encourages stereotypes of a group that already struggles with modern identity.

What were your favourite (or least favourite) trends of 2013? Let us know!