Embrace hats this summer with Lack of Color’s wide and short brim fedora’s that are sure to turn heads.

With the right outfit and attitude a wool fedora can be the epitome of cool. Unless it is racing season hats are often a forgotten accessory, even though here in Australia sun cancer risks should mean we are all wearing wide brimmed hats all year.

Local brand Lack of Color is enthusiastic about stylish, effortless head wear , more specifically short and wide brim fedora’s made from premium Australian wool. Lack of Color literally have you covered this summer season with their new collection of fresh clean and bright hats, that are perfect paired with a billowing summer dress or denim cutoffs and your favourite swimwear. The new collection ‘Rebirth of Color’ introduces some aesthetically pleasing pastel tones into the companies range.

Lack of Color was formed in 2011 by graphic designer Robert Tilbury and digital fashion sales manager and designer Tess Corvaia.

“We really want to provide both fashionable men and women with a beautiful, high quality hat in perfect summer hues that they can wear comfortably with numerous outfits and most importantly – purchase at an affordable price. Sun protection all summer long from the harsh Australian sun,” said Ms Corvaia

The latest collection is available in a range of muted hues, sky blue, lilac, silver grey and tan. The latest designs consist of traditional fedora style and also the popular wide brim Montana fedora. The new collection ranges from $45 to $99 and can be viewed in full on their website.

Lack of Color is now an established brand and has even been spotted donning the heads of noted celebrities, Lara Bingle, Isabelle Cornish and Jesinta Campbell.

These statement hats have also been receiving a lot of attention from noted fashion bloggers across the globe including Tuula Vintage, Shine by Three, They All Hate Us, Oracle Fox and Song of Style.

What is your favourite summer accessory? Will you be wearing a hat this summer?