With so many different moustache styles out there, it can be hard to decide on what facial hair is right for you.

For those in the midst of Movember, you might find your mo’ starting to take shape – but what shape is that in particular? We compiled our top five moustache styles to help you decide…

1. The Chevron moustache

A classic mo’ borne by the manly-man types that resemble in personality the rigid, straightforward wedge of facial hair that adorns their upper lip. A classic look best attempted by those with thick facial hair.

2. The Horseshoe moustache

A nod to times past where lots of leather and a badass ‘stache was exotic and deadly. Best worn by those with an aura of danger and the unknown.

3. The Pencil moustache

Subtle and refined, the Pencil moustache is for those wanting to walk on the wild side – but not lose control completely. If you’re a slow ‘stache grower this look works perfectly for a month-long mo.

4. The Combination moustache

A popular style at the moment, the Combination requires a changing partnership between upper lip, chin hair and sideburns to achieve the desired rugged look.

5. The Handlebar moustache

This infamous ‘stache has survived the centuries to grace the lips of modern men with debonair (and slightly villainous) style. For those looking for the eccentric, ‘look-at-me’ style, this is your go-to mo -and plenty of fun for the month of Movember.

What’s your moustache style? Send your pictures to editor@bmag.com.au and we’ll put them in our gallery!