Embrace your inner fairy queen and be florally adorned by designer Adrienne Keller’s Brisbane label Blossom Headpieces and Accessories, writes Rachel Vilic

The path to success was littered with flowers and assignments for Blossom Headpieces and Accessories designer Adrienne Keller, whose flamboyant floral designs will be sported by only the bravest of fashionistas at upcoming events.

“My customers really want to make a fun and bold statement,” says the Ormiston designer.

Keller’s designer dreams began while she was completing her marketing degree at the Queensland University of Technology and a group assignment required each team to sell a product at the QUT market day.

“My team and I started making little headpieces and selling them at the market and I just really enjoyed it and continued to do it.”

When the assessment was over Keller decided to forge ahead with the business but like any fledgling creative entrepreneur she faced a slew of doubt and criticism.

“When I first started these [headpieces] everyone said ‘those headbands are crazy, they’re awful, who would wear them?’ but I pushed through it.”

Despite the flower queen’s early naysayers, the headpieces have now become a somewhat quirky craze. “I’ve been creating the headpieces since 2010 when the whole crown-like formation style was way over the top and was pretty unique and now a lot of people have followed the trend,”

Keller said the headpieces were inspired by her own sense of style and her love of mixing colour and creativity into a statement look. “I like to be quirky and a statement piece in my outfit and the headpieces do that for me.”

Although Keller receives most of her orders via her website, Blossom headpieces are regularly seen at lifestyle markets and bridal fairs and have formed quite the cult following.

“Some market days I might take more than 100 pieces with me and I’ll sell all of them.”

Keller has also turned her hand to collaborating with emerging Brisbane fashion designers. “I’ve worked with Brisbane-based label Fabled and True, Gold Coast label Drowning in Decadence and local stylist Tamzen Holland, who pulled gowns from designer George Wu for a shoot which were beautiful.”

While the business is growing Keller says she has no plans to relinquish creative control and said she will continue to design the headpieces herself in order to maintain the carefully handcrafted workmanship for which her label has become known.

Buy Blossom headpieces or commission a custom made piece from their online boutique.