A great pair of specs should frame the face, enhance your style and well, help you see. Paul Taylor’s new mens’ range has the added benefit of styling the wearer in reminiscence one of fashion’s favourite bygone eras, the 1950s.

Paul Taylor blends the famed shapes and styles of the 50s with the soft yet colourful palettes popular of the day in a range of frames dubbed The Black Label 2014 collection.

Rectangular boxed shapes with thicker frames bring out the Don Draper in any man.

The Sydney designer’s favourite cats eye style has been reworked into this collection with a more subtle oval shape suited to the every day wearer. He has also added retro styles for both men and women in a beautiful colour palette of duck egg blue, olive, crimson red, creamy white, charcoal and turquoise finished in a pearlescent gloss.

Taylor’s Black Label is entirely made in Italy using mazzuccheli acetate and fitted with lenses from Carol Zeiss Vision.

The boutique brand has grown in influence during its 30 year history, with a celebrity following that has included the likes of Michael Hutchence, Sarah Murdoch, Jenny Kee, Billy Connolly and Ken Done.

With a focus on quality, not quantity, Taylor says he is happy to stay a niche label.

“I prefer to mean more to fewer, rather than a little to the masses,” he says.

“Life is too short to wear boring eyewear, so I create for those who want to stand out and make a statement.”

Visit www.paultaylor.com.au