There are thousand of new car apps being released every week but what are the best and most useful car apps for Australian drivers?

We have compiled a list of five car apps that are sure to keep you on the go and improve your safety when driving. Some of these apps we’ve tried and others we just like the sound of, so you will have to try them out and let us know how effective and user friendly they are.

1. At your service – Car Butler 

This one features in numerous best car app lists and it is our number one because not only is it a decent app it is also free for iPhone users.  Car Butler can help you find everything you need to take car of your car; gas stations, body shops, mechanics, car parks, the location of you car, traffic reports, weather reports, the features are endless.

2. Never get a ticket again – ParkPatrol: Parking officer alerts 

Anyone who has ever returned to their car and seen a ticket underneath their windscreen wipers has some serious resentment towards parking officers, I know I have used some choice words to describe them in the past, this app may be the answer to our prayers. It is crowd powered so it comes down to people using the app and sending through notifications of nearby parking officers. You plug in where you car is and how long you have paid for parking and it will not only alert you when your parking is up but if there are any parking officers nearby. Available on iPhone and Android for free or if you want the premium version $1.99.

3. Revive and survive with Driver Reviver 

Australia is an expansive country and many of us have to drive long distances for work or holidays. It can be frustrating driving along the highway and realising you have just past a rest stop. The Driver Reviver app makes finding rest stops easy and it can even let you know what to expect when you get their, if there are tables and chairs, shade or toilets. This one can also be used at the planning stages of your holiday, you can use it to make sure there are plenty of rest stops on your journey. Available free on the apple store.

4. Keep track for tax time with Aussie Driving Log 

Come tax time it can be hard to remember driving distances or decipher the scrawl of numbers in your diary. If you have to drive for work and need to keep track of the exact distance and times you have travelled this app will make tax time a lot easier by helping you log the dates and distances you have travelled. Available on iPhone for $0.99.

5. Dude Where’s my car? Car locator app

There are so many apps out for this purpose, it makes me wonder about peoples memory skills. iPhone and Android have featured heavily so I thought I would throw in a Windows phone app that is great for not only locating your car but pretty much anything. All you have to do is log your cars location and it keeps it stored so you can easily find it later. It is available free on the Windows Marketplace.

Share with us your favourite car apps by commenting below.

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