Petrol prices are expected to drop and give much needed Christmas relief for Queenslanders.

The state’s peak motoring body RACQ has urged south-east Queensland motorists to hold off on filling up, with the price of unleaded petrol (ULP) in Brisbane expected to fall by nearly 10 cents per litre (cpl) by Christmas Day.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith says the cost of ULP should gradually drop over the coming week.

“Santa will come at the right time for motorists, with prices expected to average around 149cpl in Brisbane on Christmas Day.

“Relief at the petrol pump is expected to continue, with prices tipped to keep falling on Boxing Day and into the following weekend.

“With the cost of ULP currently at the high point in the cycle, we urge drivers to top up not fill up for now, ahead of prices dropping next week.”

Ms Smith says motorists should avoid buying petrol currently as it’s in a high cycle, instead suggesting to fill up when prices drop next week, where you could save big.

“Our research shows by purchasing when cheaper fuel is available, motorists could save themselves as much as $400 per year.

“A handy tool when seeking out low prices is the RACQ’s website, which shows where the cheapest fuel can be purchased each day,” she says.


RACQ also released an Eco-Drive Research Study in 2012 which gave some helpful tips for stretching your petrol:

1. Check tyre pressure– incorrect pressure can put a strain on your vehicle’s handling and will reduce fuel economy.

2. Don’t park and idle- leaving your car idle while parked can actually waste more fuel than turning it off and restarting.

3. Maintain steady speeds- Especially on high ways, steady speeds or the use of cruise control will help maximise fuel economy.

4. Shift gears quickly and gear-up when possible for fuel economy.

5. Minimise the use of air conditioning- This one is probably not on our realistic list during summer!


Do you hold out for cheap petrol or use techniques like these to ensure you get the most out of your full tank?