100 Queensland roads will be reviewed in the new year to determine whether their speed limits need to be altered.

Ever been doing the speed limit and felt like you were crawling along at snails pace? Well this may change for you in 2014, after over 100 Queensland roads are tested to see whether their speed limits can be raised, lowered or kept consistent.

There hasn’t been a review since 1997, so the Newman Government is conducting the review in a bid to improve safety on our roads.

The roads will be reviewed by safety engineers, Transports and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the report will aim to simplify things.

“The review aims to simplify the speed limit setting process and apply consistent speed limits across Queensland.” he said.

The 3300 submissions that the government received were narrowed down to the final 100 based on public nominations, crash data, as well as recent maintenance and upgrades in the areas.  Around 70 out of the 100 roads are under review because drivers believe the speed limit is too low.

The roads will be reviewed using Queensland’s speed limit setting guidelines and taking into account the traffic, infrastructure and pedestrians for each respective road.

In other road safety news, Australia has several road safety initiatives and Graham Quirk recently announced more speed warnings signs will be appearing around the city.

The review of all 100 roads is due to be completed by mid 2014 and the results will be published online on the Transport and Main Roads website. 

Want to know if any of your local roads are being reviewed the list has been published online.

What do you think about the speed limits being raised on roads? Is it the wisest decision considering road toll concerns?