It’s storm season and parking a car undercover during extreme weather events is the best way to protect from damage, but this isn’t always possible.

Often you are caught out driving and vulnerable, or you might not have a carport or garage.

This storm season, prepare early and remember these few things to consider when looking to protect your car during a storm:

  • As much as you can, plan ahead – if a storm is forecast, try to arrange to park your vehicle under cover, postpone any trips you need to make or use different forms of transport. Remember to fill up petrol in case service stations are closed after the storm
  • Look for shelter if caught out driving – a covered car park, service station awning, under a bridge; but don’t place yourself or others at risk with your choice, and be considerate of property owners’ rights if seeking shelter on private property
  • Don’t park under trees – falling branches are a big hazard in storms
  • Don’t speed to try and “beat the storm” – try not to panic and look for shelter instead
  • Always remember to turn on lights while driving in storms – if visibility is severely impaired, pull over. Ensure you are well clear of the road to avoid being hit by other traffic, and turn your hazard lights on
  • Avoid driving through flooded roads – even shallow flowing water can sweep vehicles away
  • Don’t park in areas prone to flooding – if this includes your home or yard, organise a safe alternative for your car
  • String up tarps to shelter more open carports – the wind can blow hail and other objects in to exposed carports so be sure to cover any vulnerabilities
  • Properly insure your car – up to 25% of storm damaged vehicles are written off because the cost of repairs nears or exceeds the value of the vehicle
  • If you don’t have a carport or garage, invest in a hail cover – padded car covers can prevent or reduce the damage caused by hail stones otherwise covering your car with a thick blanket can help too. Make sure it’s tied down firmly to prevent it flapping or vanishing altogether
  • Practice fitting the cover before a storm – you’ll discover how quick or difficult it is and if you need help from others
  • Avoid dragging covers on the ground or across the car – grit and dirt can scratch the car’s paintwork

Always remember your safety is more important, and be careful not to touch the metal of cars or leave pets or children inside them during lightning storms.

Have any tips for keeping your car safe and undamaged this storm season? Ever faced a storm without shelter? Send us pictures of the damage your car has received in the past and how you’re protecting your car this storm season.