For those of us living in apartments, space really is the final frontier — and self-storage company TAXIBOX has found a way to conquer it.

It’s the existential crisis of our time — our material possessions are piling up, but the space we have to store them is getting smaller and smaller.

High property prices, skyrocketing rents and shrinking apartment sizes are leaving more and more of us feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff we find ourselves surrounded by at home, and the challenge of where to store it all.

Then there’s the question of how to transport it all from one apartment to the next — which, considering most young people will move house at least five times between the ages of 18 and 29, is a problem almost all of us will have to deal with — and what to do with it all if we want to get out and explore the world.

To paraphrase Tyler Durden, that’s when the things we own end up owning us.

But we don’t have to embrace minimalism, throw away all our stuff and start over. After all, it’s our stuff – we wanted it for a reason.

In 2010, young Sydneysiders Ben Cohn and Jeremy Rosen came up with a better option. With TAXIBOX, they’ve found a way for people living in relatively small spaces to have their cake and eat it too.

Their service delivers secure storage units — wrapped in bright-yellow covers with black-and-white checkered striping to evoke the look of yellow taxi cabs — directly to the homes and offices of their customers.

The customer then takes their time to pack and lock their TAXIBOX, using their best Tetris moves to fit as much inside the box is possible.

The TAXIBOX is then collected and stored inside their storage facility, at a cost of around $100 a month to the customer — barely a drop in the bucket, compared to the cost of renting an apartment large enough to comfortably store everything.

When the customer is ready, they can make the call to have the box dropped off at a new location for unloading.

TAXIBOX co-founder Ben Cohn says the service is a practical solution for a very real problem.

“TAXIBOX offers a more flexible solution in mobile self-storage, where customers can enjoy a cost-effective monthly rental plan, plus the convenience of free pick-up and delivery of their belongings” he says.

“We’re definitely seeing a growing trend in homeowners who are downsizing their family home and moving into apartments, as well as people who need some extra detached space — on-site or off-site.”

The company’s Brisbane self-storage facility is open six days a week. Customers are given a key to their TAXIBOX, and as long as they provide 24 hours notice, they can swing by and pick up their possessions (or swap them out seasonally) when it’s convenient for them.

It’s not just frequent flat-hoppers and couch surfers using the service, either.

Dan Becker recently moved from Melbourne to Brisbane after spending 30 years in the one house, and used TAXIBOX to make the transition a little smoother.

“TAXIBOX made it all so easy,” he says. “Staff at the Melbourne end explained everything clearly. Boxes arrived on time and positioned as requested, we packed, the boxes were picked up efficiently and a few days later we met the boxes at our new home in Brisbane.

“Everything was as packed, safe and sound. Nothing damaged, nothing even shifted. The whole process was perfect.”

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