Look down at the rug sitting in the middle of your lounge room. Is it old and tired, faded or holey or you’re just sick of looking at it? If so, it’s time you got a new one and we’ve found the perfect place!

Established in 1996, Rug Dynamics specialises in high quality contemporary and modern designer rugs.

Sourced from four of Europe’s leading manufacturers, Paulig, Haro, Studio P and Makalu – who are at the forefront of design, texture and colour development – Rug Dynamics are able to offer a wide selection of textures including hand-woven, hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs.

According to Rug Dynamics Managing Director Barbara Thomson, hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs explore one of mankind’s oldest surviving forms of artistic expression.

“For thousands of years people have woven rugs to provide comfort and warmth and for protection from the elements. To this day nomadic tribes still line their tents, both floors and walls with woven and hand-knotted rugs,” she says.

“Home is a place of trust, stability and rest. Hand-woven or hand-knotted rugs can give your surroundings a warm cosy ambience and a personal note.”

From earthy tones to bright colours and patterns, Rug Dynamics has something for everyone.

Barbara says a custom-coloured rug allows us to utilise colour and texture that cannot be achieved with other elements in the decorating mix.

“A dull and lifeless room can be transformed with a beautiful rug. Punches of colours keep a room feeling youthful and engaging,” she says.

“Individuality is achieved when the home owner contributes to the colour combinations, texture and size. These colour statements can be achieved with both wool and cotton, the traditional natural fibres.”

So why not get rid that old faded rug sitting in the middle of your lounge room and brighten up your home with a beautiful brand new one – not only will it look great, it’ll feel like a cloud under your feet!

For more information visit www.rugdynamics.com.au

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