Looking to sell your house? You might want to consider a huge tidy up first.

New research by finder.com.au has revealed the top things house hunters hate in a property – putting them off buying.

The company surveyed 1000 people, finding that 87% of house hunters would be put off buying a property because of mould, followed by structural decay (84%), the smell of damp (83%) and signs the current owners are indoor smokers (55%) such as yellowing walls.

Rounding out the top 10 was a dirty bathroom (54%), faded or peeling paint (49%), an out of date kitchen (45%), sign of a pet dog or cat (42%), thinning or worn carpets (36%) and a messy interior (35%).

An untidy garden, old fashioned wallpaper and dirt windows also made the list.

According to the research 47% of property buyers can tell as soon as they walk in the door whether a property impresses them or not, while 23% won’t decide until they’ve completed a full inspection.

Money Expert at finder.com.au, Bessie Hassan warns buyers they could be writing off properties too soon.

“This mindset could be limiting your chances of breaking into the property market,” she says.

Bessie admits although major structural faults or building decay could be genuine deal breakers, some undesirable features can be attended to easily and affordably.

“While an out-of-date kitchen could set you back in excess of $10,000, tidying the garden doesn’t have to cost you a thing,” she says.

“Some buyers are searching for a house where they can move straight in and don’t have to lift a finger – but for those who don’t judge a book by its cover and are prepared to get their hands dirty – you could find your diamond in the rough.”

The research also found most buyers would be put off a property if they saw a motorbike or ute parked out front, but a BMW made a good impression on buyers. What if it’s an old 1986 325e? Would that work?

What’s one thing you’re put off by, when looking at a property for purchase?