Get more from your home and make room for things that matter to you!

One of the biggest challenges in the home is finding a way to utilise a small spare room so it has multiple purposes – serving as a guest bedroom, home office, hobby space, you name it.

That’s why a clever room layout, versatile furniture and storage optimisation are the keys to creating a stylish and functional spare room for multiple purposes.

Hidden beds and wall beds have to be some of the coolest interior design trends to sweep through the industry – not only are they stylish, they save heaps of space and can literally be incorporated into any area of the home including the study, lounge and bedroom.

Here are some ideas on how to use them in your home.


If you want your guest room to double as an office or vice versa, hidden beds are a great option.

At first glance they just look like a desk, but with the release of a safety catch a hidden bed rotates up and glides into place. You don’t even need to remove anything from your desk; it’s all stored away under the bed until you flip it back up. Isn’t that cool?

The Kids Room

Designing kid’s rooms can be fun, but it’s always challenging. Think outside the floor plan by installing a modern wall bed like a single TiltAway wall bed, which will provide you with two functions in a single space.

Companies like Organised Interiors do a range of different size TiltAway wall beds and can even custom make them to suit your specific requirements.

When you’re not sleeping in it the TiltAway effortlessly pivots up neatly into the wall (cabinetry on the wall), allowing for the rest of the room to be used for other things like playing.

If you have twins or just want an extra bed for kids sleep overs you could opt for two single TiltAways alongside each other. When you’re not using one simply pivot it up and out of the way.

You can even have shelves and cupboards custom built around the bed, so you can store toys, books and other kiddie items.

Even the tiniest spaces can transform to accommodate the needs of a growing family!

Guest Bedroom

Everyone can use a little more space! From suburban houses, to one bedroom apartments, to resorts and student dorm rooms, wall beds have benefited people in all stages and walks of life.

But when hosting occasional overnight guests, not so many of us have the space spare for a guest room that rarely gets used. Make your guest room work as hard as you do with a Wall bed that neatly pivots away when not in use.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can get them custom made with additional shelving, cabinetry and even beside tables for lamps.

Or when a separate guest room is not an option, consider working a guest space into your living area.

Living Room

Trade in the uncomfortable, lumpy futon or creaky sofabed for a wall bed and create a functional space to make room for things that matter to you.

Space will never be wasted again with a Wall bed, which converts any living space into a comfortable bedroom. And let me tell you, they’re much more comfortable to sleep on then a sofa bed that’s for sure!

A Wall bed can be fitted vertically to any wall or configured horizontally below a window and they can be hidden within a book case or a cupboard. You could even use it as an extra couch when you have mates over.

Organised Interiors have a range of hidden beds and wall beds for you to choose from including Off The Wall Beds, TiltAway Beds, Hidden Beds and Pardo Wall Beds, and can even custom make them to suit your specific needs.

If you’re after more space and want to enquire about getting a wall bed or hidden bed fitted or made for your home visit

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