If you’re sick of staring at the mound of clothes on your bedroom floor or tripping over the shoes in the hallway – read on.

I was digging through a massive pile of clothes the other day frantically trying to find the black sparkly top I had just bought, when my fiancé said something to me no woman should ever have to hear.

“You have way too many clothes,” he said.

“I think you should go through them and get rid of some.”

I froze, I was horrified. Surely, there had to be a better solution?

Lucky for me, there was.

Whether you house mountains of clothes like me, have an abundance of shoes or a collection of Halloween costumes – walk-in wardrobes are a great option for keeping everything organised and packed away neatly.

Companies like Buywood Furniture can actually custom make timber walk-in wardrobes for you, suited to your specific needs.

Buywood Furniture’s Master Craftsman, Lee Kenny says custom designs ensure that your space is utilised to the maximum.

“A custom designed walk-in wardrobe can be made to fit any shape, room or area,” he says.

“All our walk-ins are Brisbane designed and made in solid hardwood timber of choice, including Mahogany, Jarrah, American Oak and Messmate.”

Lee says there are many benefits to having a timber walk-in wardrobes.

“Solid timber furniture takes advantage of the natural features of timber including grain and colouring. Every timber has its own distinct features allowing solid timber furniture to be varied and unique,” he says.

“Timber can be shaped providing the option for details such as mouldings, turned legs, bevelled edges beading on doors and drawers.”

“They can even add value to your home, because they’re a permanent fixture to the house just like a kitchen; you pretty much use it every day.”

There are so many accessories and handy add ons you can get too. When designing your walk-in consider these:

Shoe rack

If you have a bit of a shoe fetish, consider getting a custom made shoe rack as part of your walk-in wardrobe. Whether you want them on display or hidden away in drawers, there are a range of different styles you can choose from.


If you need to sit down while you put your shoes or makeup on, you can get pull out seats installed in your walk-in. And, what’s even better they have built in storage underneath!

When you’re not using the seat, simply fold it away and it disappears. It’s really great for those who tend to trip over things when they’re rushing around in the morning getting ready for work – not naming anyone.

If you are using your seat to put makeup on, you’re going to need a mirror. You can get a range of pull out mirrors installed within your walk-in wardrobe as well!


Need somewhere to put all your dirty laundry? You could get a pull out laundry hamper installed in your walk in wardrobe. When it’s full simply take the hamper or basket out and chuck it in the wash.

You can also get sliding bin systems, to keep the rubbish out of sight.

Buywood Furniture is located at 78 Farrington Street in Alderley. For more information call 07 3352 3485 or visit www.buywoodfurniture.com.au

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