When you think ‘sustainable’ homes, you probably don’t picture a luxury home with a big swimming pool and waterslide, multiple fridges, home theatre and outdoor air conditioning.

The Vicker Ridge incorporates all of the above, and is one of the leading truly sustainable homes in Queensland.

Home to a young family on five acres in Logan Village, The Vicker Ridge is an owner-built, regenerative, high performance home. The project quality, style and performance debunks numerous stereotypes about sustainable living (and living in Logan).

In the past year, The Vicker Ridge took on the toughest sustainable building performance test in the world – Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water simultaneously. The result? It surpassed zero and achieved Net Positive status on both. This means that over 12 months, the house exported more surplus electricity than what it used. It also harvested more rainwater than it used, and treated and reused all its wastewater on site without chemicals.

“We owner-built our home as we were disillusioned by the ‘half-pregnant’ approach to sustainability,” says owner Robert McVicker Jr.

“Pregnancy is black or white. You can’t be half-pregnant. Yet ‘sustainable’ is not treated with the same respect. Everyone wants to claim it, even when they are not.

“Sustainability is not achieved by merely reducing consumption and pollution. Reducing is only ‘less bad’ on the environment. In fact, if after factoring population growth we are still depleting limited resources and exporting more stormwater and wastewater, we as a community have achieved nothing.

“The Vicker Ridge project, however, is regenerative. It generates more electricity than it uses, captures more water than it uses, mitigates stormwater and treats its own wastewater.

“The home is uniquely designed, carefully sited, orientated and constructed to work with the sub-tropical Queensland climate.

“Grand open plan living seamlessly connects to the outdoor entertaining and resort style pool to make the most of the great Queensland lifestyle.”

The Vicker Ridge will be open to the public for Sustainable House Day on Sunday 13 September from 10am to 4pm. Sustainable House Day provides an opportunity to visit some of Australia’s leading green homes – ones that are not only environmentally friendly, but cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.

Register your interest online at www.sustainablehouseday.com.