It’s spring cleaning time again, which means it’s time to get rid of all your junk — and sell it! After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

And the perfect place to sell those treasures?

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale Trail on Saturday 24 October, featuring one big day of garage sales right across Australia.

Now in its fifth year, the event is all about sustainability, having fun, meeting people and making money while you do it — and anyone can get involved.

Helen Butler, Ambassador for the Garage Sale Trail and decluttering expert, says having a garage sale as part of the event is a great way to get rid of anything you don’t need.

“The idea (of the event) is to encourage people to sell their wares and meet people,” she says.

“Last year we had three million items up for sale, which was great. You can sign up as a neighbourhood, individually, a community group or a charity – anyone can get involved really.”

But there is one catch!

In order to get rid of your junk and make some sweet moolah, you’ll need to go through all that mess you’ve been so eagerly avoiding. This means it’s decluttering time, but according to Helen, that’s not a bad thing.

“A lot of us have clutter because we are way too busy to deal with it; life outside the home takes over,” Helen says.

“If you declutter your home you’ll find space, not just physical space but head space too, because you won’t have that stuff weighing you down anymore.

“Your home will look completely different; it’ll feel lighter and brighter and will shift your headspace to a more positive outlook and take the stress out of home life.”

Helen says when decluttering, it’s best to go in with a plan.

“A lot of people get overwhelmed by it all and don’t know where to start, because they don’t have routines or systems set up to make it easy and make it all work like clockwork,” she says.

“Give everything a home to live in, and if it doesn’t belong anywhere get rid of it. Set yourself routines and stick to them.”

If you’re like me and your decluttering routine involves standing there looking at the mess for ages thinking ‘oh my god’, then walking away whilst quietly sobbing – then you probably need help in that department, and maybe in others, too.

Helen says there are a few different places you can start to make the decluttering process a little easier.

“The first place you should start is right at the front door and work your way through the house,” she says.

“Or you could start in the centre and work out from there — that’ll shift that positive energy out to all the other areas.”

And if you want to just dive in, “start in the area causing you the most stress, but that’s definitely not for the faint hearted.”

But, if you’re one to become overwhelmed with all the mess like me, Helen suggests starting somewhere small.

“Start somewhere really small like your office or even just your desk,” she says.

“If the space looks good and organised you’re more likely to work in it. Take it in small bite sizes, because small bits everyday can really help.”

But how do you know what to keep and what to get rid of?

According to Helen, if the item’s not doing you any favours anymore or has a negative emotional attachment, you should chuck it out.

“It’ll only weigh you down,” she says.

If, after all that, you still don’t know what you’re doing, Helen suggests hiring a professional.

“Get an expert opinion,” she says. “Just like a therapist or a doctor they can help you, because they’re not attached to the clutter and stress.”

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale Trail will be held on Saturday 24 October. For more information visit