The bathroom is oft-overlooked in regards to styling and interior design.

Most often associated with functionality, the bathroom is seldom considered as a place of tranquillity or in need of cutting-edge design trends. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Many people spend many minutes (or even hours) holed up in this small room, so why not make it as beautiful as a bathroom could be?

Here are five of the top design trends to consider bringing into your bathroom.

1. Make the floor a feature

Just because it’s down low, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve your attention. Even if you change nothing else in your bathroom, by incorporating a feature tile, you can alter the entire look and feel of the room.

“If you’re lusting after a gorgeous feature floor tile but are worried about the price, consider teaming with ultra-affordable white wall tiles,” advises Tahn Scoon, a Brisbane-based stylist and decorator. “It’s like teaming Sass & Bide jeans with a Bonds tee – the designer item lifts the entire look!”

Statement tiles were a big trend in 2014 and are continuing over into 2015. Jessica Hunt from Andersens Flooring agrees. “Feature tiles are a great way to include colour, texture and style to a surface, which would otherwise be too expensive or impractical to cover,” she says. “It gives people the opportunity to be more exciting and add that little bit of flair to their home. And even better, at much less expense than it would be to cover the entire wall in that material.”

2. Embrace natural beauty

When you’re washing off the day’s stresses and strains, wouldn’t you love to be doing it in a tranquil space that feels peaceful but still looks pretty?
This is very achievable – just start incorporating earthy materials to reflect the feel of being out in nature, and you’ll warm up one of the coldest rooms in your home.
How do you do this? Consider integrating elements like natural stone, various types of wood finishes or even timber-look tiles.

“We have a huge ranges of materials and colours available in these nature-inspired themes at Andersens,” Jessica says. “Choose from timber, stone, glass, ceramics and metals which can all be utilised in a modern bathroom and made to look earthy and inviting. They come in multiple shapes and patterns, so it’s very easy to mix and match depending on your personal style and preferences to consistently achieve an outstanding result.”

3. Plant it

The easiest way to make your bathroom feel fresh and look modern is to integrate greenery. Plants can be utilised in so many different ways; just adapt to your own style preferences.
“When I’m styling bathrooms for magazine shoots, I almost always add greenery by way of houseplants,” Tahn Scoon says. “Visually, they soften all the hard surfaces and practically, they act as natural air filters. Even the good old Maiden Hair seems to have made a comeback!”

There are some practical aspects to consider in regards to sunlight, drainage, watering times and maintenance, so choose plants that fit in seamlessly with those conditions. Make sure to remember that the pots you choose for your plants to live in will also have an impact on the styling of the space. The 2015 trends are focused on metallic and timber pots, adding a softer touch to the tiled room.

Another idea is to incorporate a vertical garden or cascading creeping vines that add greenery in an almost artistic way. But be mindful when placing plants in your bathroom that the pots or soil could stain tiles. “Choose tiles that are built to withstand difficult conditions,” Jessica Hunt advises. “We offer tiles that are perfect for hardwearing areas both domestically and commercially, which shows how sturdy they are.”

As well as looking good, having more plants in your home is good for your health and can have a positive influence on your mood.

4. Beautiful bathtubs

Many people have an ongoing love affair with their bath – and why not. It’s a serene space, filled with warm scented water and occasionally accompanied by red wine and realisations about the meaning of life.

Make yours modern by going for a freestanding tub, which isn’t merely an aesthetic choice but one that symbolises luxury and self-indulgence. From a visual point of view, a freestanding bath tub is a striking and sculptural choice and has that modern yet timeless feel as well.

Make sure you take into account the size of your space – bathrooms can look cluttered and cramped if there is not enough floor space left untouched.

5. Sustainable style

This trend is not exclusive to bathrooms, but is sweeping through all interior spaces, domestically and commercially. People love to resuse and recycle at the moment and this is something that is trending globally.

So how do you incorporate materials that are recycled, reclaimed and upcycled without having your bathroom look like a junkyard or like the builders stopped mid-reno?

Easy! Mix back in some modern elements, keep the lines clean and simple and add angular edges. Look for reclaimed timber to make a feature wall. Recycle materials from your existing home and bathroom and rework them – for example, transform a vintage cabinet into your new bathroom storage or sink stand!

Would you utilise any of these tips to revamp your bathroom? Let us know in the comments below.

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