If you’re moving into an apartment or high rise building and can’t get your favourite furniture through the door, Oz Hoist could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Oz Hoist is a company that will make moving home so much easier, faster and more economical. And who doesn’t want that?

Many people are moving into urban, high density areas to be close to the city centre and be part of the action. The downside is most of the housing choices are apartments in high rise buildings. This usually means downsizing and streamlining your belongings.

However, you don’t necessarily have to give up your favourite oversized couch or put your food in a tiny bar fridge. You can bring your lounge and enormous family-sized fridge with you when you begin apartment living but you’ll probably have some trouble getting them up the stairs or in the lift.

At this point, you might want to consider contacting Oz Hoist — the experts in moving large, heavy items quickly and painlessly. Using their truck-mounted lift service, the team at Oz Hoist can make moving easy. They can work alongside your traditional removalists to manage the hard-to-manoeuvre pieces or assist you if you’re doing the move on your own steam.

When access is a problem, that’s when you need them most. As most buildings have small lifts and narrow stairways or even small door frames, Oz Hoist are called in to solve these problems.

The Oz Hoist external truck elevator is a unique service enabling bulky items and materials to be hoisted up safely and efficiently from the street to a window, balcony or roof area without the need for scaffolds or a large crane on site.

We chatted to owner Mike Lyle about this move towards apartment living, and what options Oz Hoist offer to make this experience easier. He has been in the removals industry for over 25 years and in his opinion, using a truck hoist to move is the best way to go.

“It’s massive in Europe and has been for years,” he says. “When we first started offering the truck hoist options, it was mainly to interior designers and builders but the demand from the public keeps growing and it’s easy to see why.”

“With everyone moving to the city, homes are more compact and buildings go from boundary to boundary, which leaves little room to manoeuvre furniture in or out. Most people want a two-door fridge and a huge lounge and then they struggle to get it into their new home. And if places have narrow staircases or polished floorboards, it makes moving bigger items even more difficult.”

Mike explains that the beauty of a truck hoist is “the speed of the set-up and of the actual process itself. It only takes about 20 minutes to set up and it’s already on the back of a compact truck so it’s easy to move around and get close to balconies or windows. So realistically, within an hour of us getting there, we’re done. Set up, packed down and everything moved. It literally takes a second a floor to get items up. It’s so fast.

“With cranes, you need to have permits and you need more room to move around, whereas this is a small truck with a lot of hoisting power.”

He also pointed out that the truck itself is actually much smaller than you would expect with the width that of a standard ute. So wherever space you can get a ute in to, you’ll also be able to position the truck hoist.

Some of the more unusual items Mike has hoisted include pool tables and a grand piano. He points out that once people use the service, they use Oz Hoist again and again because it’s fast and efficient. The bigger the job, the more money you’ll save on removalists — but even with small jobs, you’ll still save on time.

So if you’re about to move into an apartment or high rise, make sure you consider utilising a truck hoist. Oz Hoist are the industry experts — for more information, visit ozhoist.com.au.

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