Europe’s largest international design fairs revealed what will be hot in homes in 2015.

Two of Europe’s largest international design fairs—Maison Object in Paris and IMM Cologne in Germany—wrapped up last month after revealing the latest trends in design, decoration, furnishings, accessories and textiles.

Darren James and Elissa Greer from Darren James Interiors headed over to discover everything new in the world of interior design and report back what is trending for 2015.

“The overall theme this year centred around nature-made, handmade, and comfort,” says Elissa. “It’s all about stripping things back to their origin. By doing this we see natural elements and finishes used in their most raw and simplest form, allowing their true, authentic beauty to shine through.”

She adds that the movement towards pared back, simpler interiors is part of a wider shift.

“This trend is a direct reflection of a society that wants to take a step back, slow things down,” she says. “The more hi-tech we become, the more we want to surround ourselves with textures and objects that ground us and connect us with nature.

“In times of uncertainty and mistrust we continue to seek out things that are authentic and real.”

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