Choosing to build a new home can be incredibly beneficial to families, first home buyers and investors.

As land becomes increasingly scarce in certain suburbs, particularly in metro areas, more and more people are opting to knockdown and rebuild. It can also eliminate the stress and costs involved in renovating or extending an existing home.

Kerry and Sherry Guppy from Hotondo Homes believe the benefits of choosing to knockdown and rebuild far outweigh the benefits of renovating or extending.

“People come to us wanting to build their dream home. They want something contemporary and fresh, as well as something that suits their current lifestyle needs,” Kerry says.

“If you love the area you live in but not your house and don’t want to move away from your family and friends, change your local supermarket or find new schools then a knockdown and rebuild is ideal.”

The benefits of choosing to knockdown and rebuild can include:

  • Building to suit individual needs
  • Staying in the same location
  • No need to find a block of land
  • Energy efficiency
  • No stamp duty
  • Less maintenance
  • Home warranty
  • Increase in equity
  • No need to spend money on renovating or changing existing home to suit current needs
  • Appliances and fittings under warranty
  • Home built to latest regulations and building standards
  • New homes depreciate less than existing dwellings

Sherry Guppy believes that unlike home renovations, constructing a new home will ensure home owners don’t have to compromise on the needs, comforts and quality that today’s building innovations can offer.

“New homes are smarter homes. They are built using the latest technologies in structural integrity and energy efficiency,” she says. “You really can’t compare the benefits of rebuilding as opposed to renovating.”

Similarly, a knockdown and rebuild project can often be cheaper than extending or renovating an existing home due to the builder having to work in and around existing structures.

“People will choose to renovate if they love the existing structure of their home and the block of land they’re on,” Sherry says. “However, in my experience building something new to suit the person or families current needs is often the preferred option.”

Kerry and Sherry have been building with the Hotondo Homes network for over eight years. They have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building quality homes.

Kerry, Sherry and their team build in Brisbane’s north as well as the Northlakes, Griffin, Caboolture and Fitzgibbon.

They specialise in building on odd shaped, narrow and sloping blocks of land, knockdown rebuild projects, packages for investors and more. They also take great pride in providing personalised and professional customer service.

For more information contact Kerry, Sherry and their team on (07) 5428 1360 or visit their office at Shop 6, 42 Beerburrum Road, Caboolture. You can also view their range of services at

Just so you know, this post is sponsored by Hontondo Homes. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe our readers will appreciate.