It can be challenging when different styles and tastes come together but these couples are making it work, writes Resa Zekants.

Are you thinking about renovating with your partner? We’ve all seen The Block and the tantrums that follow when couples renovate together.

Renovating with a partner can be challenging particularly if you have different levels of perfectionism and time constraints. But on the upside if you are on a budget, it can save you a lot of money doing some of the work yourself, like painting. We spoke with two couples who have survived renovating together.

Leanne and Leonard

Leanne and Leonard bought a rundown house with some great ideas for renovating, but had a few hiccups along the way. “We wanted the family room to be the centrepiece of the home, so we created a sunken floor,” Leanne says. “We needed to dig down into the existing ground; this meant wheeling barrow loads of dirt right through the middle of the house. It looked like a giant sink hole.”

Leanne says she also made a wooden bed for the master bedroom but had trouble getting it up the stairs. “I love that bed, but it is never leaving the house unless we want to take the roof off!”

All in all, Leanne and Leonard managed to stay calm.
“He does the building and I am his apprentice. I am better with colours and styling and I think he understands not to tread into that territory,” she says.

Deirdre and Des

Des and Deirdre bought an old Queenslander with the hope to complete a full renovation themselves, but didn’t realise the enormity of the task.

“It took five months just to sand two rooms and we’ve still got eight to go,” Des says. “We didn’t realise how disruptive renovating would be to our normal life. There was constantly dust everywhere,” Deirdre says.

Dust and all, the lovely couple got on well. “I was pretty protective of the work, so Deirdre did very little,” Des laughed. “The decorating was fun for me,” Deirdre agrees.

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