This morning they have woken up as half-millionaires, but sadly their win was overshadowed by what I would call bad sportsmanship.

Over 2.8 million Aussies turned in to see brothers Simon and Shannon Voss win The Block. The brothers are now $435, 000 richer from the sale of their apartment, with part of that being the $100,000 in prize money.  Runners up were Sydney underdogs Chris and Jenna, who pocketed $310,000. Newlyweds Max and Karstan walked away with $40,000 but the big shock of the night were fan favourites Darren and Deanne and Carlene and Michael, who only won a measly $10,000.

While Simon and Shannon just wanted to celebrate with their shirts off, others — namely Darren and Deanne — sulked and swore and stormed off. I caught up with the boys to see how they were feeling after their big night.

I really felt for you guys last night when you couldn’t celebrate what was a great win.

Shannon: Look, we were upset for the other contestants as well. We’re obviously very happy and grateful, but it sucks they didn’t walk away with more coin.

It does. I was a big fan of Michael and Carlene because they’re Gold Coasters and they left their kids to do the show, that was a big deal to me, and to only walk away with $10,000 is sad. But at the same time, The Block is a game and someone’s got to win and someone’s got to lose.

Shannon: That’s right! It’s real estate, and real estate is a risk. It’s also reality TV and that’s always a gamble. We are very lucky to walk away with a win, we had the best team working for us and that showed on the day. But at the same time we are heartbroken for the other guys.

Is it true the after party was cancelled because everyone felt so down and out?

Simon: It wasn’t canned but it wasn’t a go crazy party. We just got together and had a quiet glass of wine.

Did everyone look at you to put on a bar tab?

Simon: Ha! No, Scotty looked after the tab last night, which was nice of him.

Did you guys think about sharing your extra $100,000 win with the other guys?

Shannon: For about two seconds!

So what’s your plan with the money? Will you build another house?

Shannon: Half a million is a lot of money but we’re not stinking rich so we have to be wise with it. When we split it, it’s only around $250k each, but the first thing we will do is say thank you to our builder Mossie and take him on a surf trip.

I’ve read a lot about you guys during the course of the show, and the thing is, you’re winners all ’round. Because of your age gap you haven’t spent much time together in the past, is that right, Shannon?

Shannon: You know what, as soon as high school finished I nicked off overseas for about 10 years. So the little fella here grew up without me.

So did you enjoy your time together or do you want to nick off overseas again?

Simon: We’ve loved it. We’re good mates and we’re brothers but after this we’re that much closer.

You work together beautifully. Would you do it again in the future?

Shannon: Yeah, we do work well as a team. We’re surprised we didn’t fight, and mum’s glad we didn’t have a big blue on screen! But we don’t have any plans just yet.

I’d rather watch you fight than couples. It would be all nipple cripples and headlocks, bro style.

Shannon: Ha! No, it would be more bloody than that.

Michael and Carlene live here in Queensland. Do you have anything to say to them, Simon?

Simon: We absolutely love you guys and our hearts break for you, but you’d have to be an idiot to not sign Michael up to another TV show and Carlene is an amazing interior designer, so this wont be the end of them!

Well, congratulations again on your win, guys. Can you loan me $20?

Shannon: No, but thank you!