Summer is coming and Helen Goltz discovers what’s hot — or cool, actually — in pool trends.

Once upon a time everyone had a kidney-shaped pool with a designated shallow end and deep end. Surprisingly, the kidney-shaped pool is one of the few that has stood the test of time! According to Angela Kennedy of Narellan Pools at Yatalla, their Princess (kidney) shape is as popular as ever.

“The flowing curves are ideal for the ever popular tropical and Balinese landscaping,” says Kennedy.

But now pool buyers are spoilt for choice and your pool dreams are only as limited as your budget.

Before you begin

We don’t want to dampen your spirits, but before you start digging that hole, best to check with Council. In most cases you don’t need planning approval (depending on the zone that applies, whether the site is located within a neighbourhood plan area, or is affected by an overlay) but you will need building approval for your swimming pool and fence. This can be arranged through a building certifier.

Check out Council’s website for more information.

Trends in pools

The inside pool

Siobhan Kerry from Sydney built her dream pool inside her house.

“I always wanted an indoor pool in the living area,” Siobhan says. “We have a factory-style house and the plunge pool is next to the dining area. We often have dinner parties then all move into the pool or the spa. It is certainly memorable!”

The plunge pool

As our blocks get smaller, so do our pools. There is a growing demand for plunge pools, according to Angela from Narellan Pools.

“Plunge pool sizes ranging from 2.1 metres x 3.5 metres, up to 5.5 metres x 3.5 metres. Plus we have a six metre plunge pool. They are easier to maintain, cost less to install and are cheaper to run!”

Bear in mind that the deeper the plunge pool, the colder it is, so if you love a swim that wakes you up, that’s the pool for you.

The L-shaped pool

The ‘L’ is in. “One of our most popular styles is the Harmony Pool,” says Angela. “It’s a wading pool that transforms your pool shape into the coveted ‘L shape’ or an extra long pool.” The ‘L’ includes that most-desired spa.

The child-friendly pool

Just for peace of mind, your pool can feature a child-safety ledge all the way around the perimeter and gradual depth for wading.

Water features

Despite our dry conditions, it seems we never tire of having water features near water. Fountains, ponds, statues spouting water – they’re all in!

Glass tiles and fencing

The use of glass is still popular as it accentuates the water’s edge and creates a transparent feel to the fencing.


The oasis effect is still in, and the latest trend is natural stone around the pool.

Are you thinking of building a pool this summer? Which type looks good to you? Let us know below!

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