It’s an undeniable trend, a current craze, a modern obsession of mixing the old with the new. With the right knowledge, a little patience, some slightly serious(ish) tools – you can build something pallet-related to suit any space or situation.

We’re talking creating and crafting benches, couches, bed frames and tables. From shelving units to sun beds, ingenious interior decorators are utilising pallets for all sorts of stylish alternatives.

Building your own furniture with recycled pallets can be simple but there are definitely some things to keep in mind. We spoke to Jai Brooks, co-owner of Esher St Café at Tarragindi, which has become synonymous with eco-furniture and functional pallet furnishings. The café boasts palette chairs and shelving and also incorporates pallets in the outdoor area which Jai and his team built just before the café opened.

His tips include making sure the pallet wood used is of similar thickness, and also to remember to ensure strong bracing and support when building anything that will need to hold any weight (ie tables, chairs, benches).

He points out that it is always better to minimise cutting the pallets if possible to maintain the strength and integrity of the pallet. “It sounds obvious but remember to line up the pallet posts as well. This really will make a big difference not only to the look of the final product but to the functionality.”

When asked why Esher St Café decided to use pallets as the main source of furniture, Jai replies, “We were going for an organic theme utilising a very natural feel, and pallets were perfect for that. We really wanted something unique and original and using recycled pallets meant that the final result would be eco-friendly too.”

For more ideas on different ways to incorporate pallets into your home or business, jump onto pinterest for inspiration. And if you like a challenge, Brisbane Pallets run a cool competition to design and build the most useful, creative and abstract item from recycled pallets. More details here.