Feeling a little chilly in your home? Don’t waste your days under a blanket, here are some tips and tricks to keep you warm.

Invest in heavy curtains

Up to 40 per cent of the heat escaping from your home in winter is from uncovered windows. Heavy, lined curtains which extend below the window frame will insulate your windows and help keep the warmth in.


Turn the fan on

Replace your air filters

Replace the air filter in your central heating and cooling system. Use a handheld vacuum while the filter is out to get rid of dust and cobwebs that may have accumulated in or around the filter slot. A clean air filter will not only reduce dust inside, it’ll reduce the amount of energy it takes for your heater to work and extend its life.

Install pelmets on top of your windows

These are either boxes which sit over your curtain rod or ‘invisible pelmets’ which sit above your curtain rod and butt up against the back of the curtain, and they do a great job of stopping cold air coming in to your room. If you don’t have them, a cheap alternative is to attach a bit of plywood or corrugated plastic to the top of your curtain rail, out of sight behind the top of the curtain.

Get the fan going

Ceiling fans are a great way to help cool your house in the summer, and they come in handy during the winter months too. In preparation for colder weather, reverse the direction of airflow on your fans. Since warm air rises, the fan blades will push the air down and help keep the toastier air in circulation.

Close off unused rooms

Close vents and doors to rooms and other areas you don’t use regularly. Typically, the ambient heat from the rest of the house will keep these areas warm enough to keep pipes from freezing.

Check your floorboards

In a typical home, 15 per cent of the heat is lost through the floor alone, so check floorboards and skirting boards for gaps. Just by buying some beading or mastic sealant to fix your floorboards, you could save a significant amount of money on your annual heating bill.


Choose the right glass

Choose energy-efficient glass

Energy efficient glass is playing an increasingly important role in preserving homeowners’ energy costs. Ordinary windows can act as an energy leak. A typical, adequately-insulated building that uses ordinary glass can lose up to 49 per cent of heat through the windows in winter. Energy efficient windows mean less reliance on artificial heating and cooling which reduces energy bills and creates a healthier and more comfortable living environment.