Deciding on a style may be a personal choice or dictated by space or budget…

Are you a modernist, a minimalist, a fan of art deco or do you see yourself as a classic? Perhaps where you reside your budget or space dictates your choices.

Here are just a few well-known design styles to inspire you:

The classic

Do you want to feel like you are coming home to Downton Abbey every day? If you like this look, investigate the Victorian style as well.

• It is all about symmetry and balance
• Select a focal point (e.g. mirror, fireplace) and work around it
• Colours are based around nature and off-white
• Trims and fabrics are sophisticated and elegant

The modernist

You’ve got to hand it to the Germans, they’re good at design (think Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW) and the modernist style is credited to the 1919 Bauhaus School of Design in Germany. Modern isdifferent from contemporary, so do your research.

• Clean and uncomplicated
• Maximises space due to its minimalist lines
• Neutral colours complemented by a single bold colour
• Very few textures
• Balance asymmetrically (i.e. no balance)

Art Deco

Following World War I (the 1920s and 1930s), a glamorous, edgy and modern style emerged. Think Flappers, Poirot (the Agatha Christie TV series), mirrors and coloured glass.

• Geometrical
• Lamps, clocks and statues featuring sharp angles or women holding globes (the light)
• Sharp edges, strong colours

Retro style

Everything old is new again but better, as retro brings back old designs with a modern twist.

• Anything goes – gadgets, shapes, colours from the 50s onwards
• Old furnishings given new life
• Reborn lamps and accessories
• Explore vintage for a similar feel and theme

Country style

Depends on your country, but this style reflects traditions and is warm and welcoming.

• Cottage-feel
• Spaces are filled with practical, solid furniture
• Finishes can be rough
• Home-feel with useable, lived-in items

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