We spoke with Woolloongabba Antique Centre director Sarah Jane Walsh about how to buy the best vintage décor for your buck…

Brisbane’s largest antique store, Woolloongabba Antique Centre, is heaven-on-earth for vintage enthusiasts.

When deciding on what vintage-inspired pieces best suit your home, Walsh says you have to determine the style or era you would like to feature.

Whether it be mid-century modern, Danish furnishings, shabby chic or industrial; the retro furnishings will not suit the general décor if there is not a chosen theme.

Here are some of Walsh’s décor examples to create an industrial look in a modern home:

  • Work benches
  • Industrial lights and fans
  • Old doors

Walsh says by using old desk paint or chalk paint on a door, it will create an instant antique appeal. Chalk paint is an easy-to-use decorative paint that requires no preparation and can be used on both indoor or outdoor furnishings.

When stuck on deciding what retro pieces would suit best, Walsh suggests ripping out pictures from magazines to inspire a set design. This allows for a consistent flow of design and appeal in your home, without becoming too radical.

Walsh recommends when using a large vintage furnishing as a statement piece in a room, don’t overcrowd with additional pieces.

“Each piece has a story, and with over 70 antique dealers across Brisbane sourcing vintage goods from old factories, auctions, deceased home and the streets; you never know what you’ll find,” she says.

“My generation has been given the ability to recreate the past in our own way and for the first time we are able to display our unique flare for style.”

The Woolloongabba Antique Centre is currently having a mid-century modern exhibition with sideboards, dining sets, ceramics, glass, art, lighting, posters and chairs for sale.

Find the centre at 22 Wellington Rd, Woolloongabba.