New Brisbane homewares and furniture line Auburn & Green breathes new life into the charm of classic styles.

Brisbane social worker Brie Manley is gifting new shine to antiques through her furniture and homewares brand Auburn & Green.

“The things I love about antique and old-world pieces is that they have a bit of a story and they have some history,” says Manley. “They’re not mass-produced pieces and I get to take that and cultivate it and create something beautiful out of it.”

The Auburn & Green furniture line is composed of individual, unique pieces sourced from auctions and similar arenas that Manley redesigns and reinvents for a fresh, modern edge.

“I’m not just sourcing them, I’m redesigning them – I’m adding my own unique touch to them,” says Manley. “That’s not too common, particularly when there’s a huge pull for mass-marketed, cheaper products.

“I like things that are a little bit old-world and a little bit modern, but not too much of either. I guess you’ll never know exactly what to expect with Auburn & Green because they’re all one-off pieces so whatever it is that I can find and recreate will be what’s available.”

The move into interior design was a natural one, says Manley, and her background in psychology helped form her design aesthetic – her goal is always to bring a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere into homes.

“I’ve always been really passionate about interior design but I’m a social worker by degree which is completely different,” she says. “A few years ago there was a series of events that made me stop and have a think about what I was really passionate about and it just dawned on me that I was really passionate about interior design, so that was kind of where it started.

“I really want to help people create beautiful spaces within their homes, so for me it’s still a little bit about people. Being a social worker and I’m very aware of how interiors and colours and spaces and that perfect space can really evoke certain feelings and affect your mood.”

Still in the process of sourcing a pop-up shop location, Auburn & Green items are available for browsing on the website with viewings by appointment.

“For me it’s about the whole feeling that comes with the piece and you don’t get that being online. I want people to be able to see it, feel it, experience it and visualise it in their own homes.”

And while the set up of the brand has been tricky, with cost and location challenges, Manley is determined to see her passion come to fruition.

“I love furniture, I love finding one-off pieces that nobody else has, and that feeling you get when you have this idea of what you want and you can’t find it anywhere – and then you finally find it and you can bring that home with you.”

Browse the Auburn & Green collection online or at Showroom, 135 Latrobe Tce Paddington from 1 May.