Well-known interior stylist from The Block Shaynna Blaze has launched a rug collection inspired by Australian beaches.

The Textured Coast range launched by The Rug Collection includes six unique pieces, all inspired by the textures and colours of our beautiful coastline.

Blaze says whilst walking along the beach, the unique textures and light struck her as a perfect inspiration for her first rug collection.

“The beach can be soft, harsh and inviting all at the same time. Like the ever changing moods of the ocean, I wanted the designs and colours of the rugs to take on different depths and textures from every direction.

“The rugs not only look textural, but feel soft underfoot, with carving representing the rippling sands and coral from the ocean floor,” she says.

Coco Republic Interior Design Senior Interior Designer Polly Gillman says a coastal interior creates an inviting relaxed atmosphere in any home, particularly in living areas and bedrooms, which complements the Queensland lifestyle.

“The coastal look is classic in interiors and these tones and textures are timeless, especially as a neutral earthy palette transcends across so many interior styles and periods,” she says.

Gillman also says with a few accessories, you can create a coastal feel in a room, like featuring pieces that are inspired by the beach.

“Coco Republic have recently introduced a new collection of home décor including oversized shells and bright white candlesticks.

Gillman adds that selecting artwork that evokes a sense of a relaxed coastal environment such as coral or driftwood is great to finish off spaces and that rugs can act as a statement piece while adding texture.

“Natural and raw is the key to successfully styling in this scheme. Mix up textures with raw linen fabrics, natural sisal floor rugs, metallic finishes (bronze and brass), whitewashed timber furniture pieces and natural stone bench tops,” she says.

The new collection ‘Textured Coast’ by Shaynna Blaze for The Rug Collection will be launched on 25 February in Melbourne, and will be available at leading retailers from March 2014.
Do you or would you incorporate earth and beach tones to create a coastal interior in your home?