You spend a large portion of your free time doing it anyway, so why not learn to turn a dollar doing what you love? Your hobby could be a successful home business.

Looking for better work-life balance? Or maybe you want to enter the workforce but have commitments at home which make it hard to get to an office? Consider turning your hobby into a thriving home business to make money on the side!

1. Personal shopping

Love to hit the shops and hunt down those one-of-a-kind purchases, but finding your wallet is thinning while your wardrobe is overflowing? Maybe it’s time to fill someone else’s wardrobe (while emptying their purse). Get business cards made up and next time someone compliments your outfit, hand it over. Create your own Facebook page or website and get your friends and family to spread the word – nothing’s better than a personal recommendation!

2. Dog-walking

Love pets but aren’t able to have any of your own? Hire out your services as a dog walker or minder! Sometimes people are too busy to walk or play with their pets and will happily pay for their pooch to receive the attention they aren’t able to give. Start with people you know, coworkers, family and neighbours, then expand your services once you have some experience looking after other people’s furry friends.

3. Freelance writing

Have a way with words? Consider using your considerable copy-crafting skills to provide blogs, sales letters, website copy and e-books for individuals and businesses. If you love writing novels, remember that publishers are always looking for the next big thing, so turn your hobby-writing into a bestseller by pitching finished works to publishing houses.

4. Photography

Photography is undoubtedly one of the most popular hobbies and with good photography equipment and photo-editing software so easily accessible, it’s become more than a simple interest for many. Why not make some money from this art form by hiring out your services as a photographer for weddings, family portraits or events?

5. Become a coach or teacher

Are you a yoga guru or football superstar? Turn that spare bedroom into a pilates studio or strap on your old sports gear and head to the local oval to teach a team. Holding your own class will take time and preparation – ensure they are fun, engaging and good value for money and you’ll have attendees signing up week after week.

What’s your favourite hobby and could you make money from it? Let us know!