A vase can be created from almost anything with an opening at the top, so hunt down your spare jars and bottles, as we provide you with some vintage inspiration.

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Vintage Rock Vase:


– Tall canister (eg. Pringles packet)
– Mosaic adhesive glue
– Paint brush
– Bag of rocks or pebbles
– Grout

How to make

1. Coat your canister in adhesive glue.

2. Start placing the rocks in a pattern of your choice.

3. Repeat this until you’ve covered the canister completely.

4. After the rocks have dried, push the grout in between the rocks to create a smooth layer.

5. Leave overnight to dry, polish if you wish, and voila!


Lightbulb vase:


– Recycled lightbulbs
– Twine
– Wire
– Wire clippers

How to make

1.  Remove the wires and metallic hotspots from the lightbulbs.

2. With your empty lightbulb, turn it upside down so the base becomes the top.

3. Tightly wrap twine around the top

3. Wrap a few strands of wire around the top as well and make a hoop for hanging.

4. Fill with water and place small flowers inside.


Coloured glass vase:


– Clear, glass jars or bottles
– Enamel paint (suitable for glass)
– Bowl, to mix the paint
– Paintbrush
– Syringe
– Container for storage

How to make 

1. Prepare the colour paint that you would like, and mix with a few drops of water.

2.  Fill the syringe with paint and pour into the bottle.

3. Move the bottle around so that the paint covers all walls and corners.

4. Repeat for each bottle. Leave the bottles upside down in an empty container overnight, or until they dry.


Beach Vase (or candle-holder)


– Glass jar or bottle
– Fine sand
– Beads of choice
– Candle (optional)

How to make

1. Clean out the jars or bottles on your choice.

2. Create a layer, about a third of the jar, of fine sand. Pack tightly

3. Layer this lightly with beads.

4. Place a small flower or candles in the middle of the beads layer.


Gumboot Vase


– Old pair of gumboots (colourful is better)
– Fake flowers

How to make

1. Place a bunch of fake flowers in a pair of gumboots – simple! A cute addition to any household.


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