Pinterest is a constant source of interior inspiration, overflowing with an abundance of ideas for sprucing up lounge-room living.

Several trends are fundamental throughout interior inspiration images – the following are essential for attaining a picture-perfect living space.

Interesting light assortment

Whether your lights are hanging from the ceiling, out of the side-wall or standing upright, make them interesting. Chandeliers of all sorts will always be trending, with the recent ‘urban chandelier’ producing a welcoming presence. Candles also make for a classy and on-trend alternative.

Pot plant

Bring life to your living room with a touch of greenery in the form of a pot plant as seen in the image above. With apartment living growing in popularity, maintaining nature in the home is a concept which has gained momentum today.

Feature rug

Faux fur, leather finishes and tribal patterns all make for an exciting feature in a lounge or bedroom. Keeping in mind the colour of the season is turquoise, the feature rug can add a pop of colour to more neutral tones, while adding a touch of elegance or eccentricity to your living space.

Colour themed cushions

Cushions are of great importance when decorating your home interior. They create the perfect excuse to collaborate colour combinations and when perfected exude elegance and class. Create a unified look or mix and match prints depending on the vibe you wish to create.

Flowers in a jar

The flowers in the jar trend is one hugely popular on Pinterest. Whether you are growing your own flower garden, pestering your partner each week for a beautiful bouquet, or embracing the long-lasting fake alternative, flowers are an interior trend that is certainly here to stay.

Magazines on a coffee table

Interior images are often not complete without the latest fashion magazine or book placed strategically on the nearby coffee table. Alternatively bookshelves are a great way of covering a blank space – with the 2014 Summer Reading List featuring renowned favourites, combine looking chic and updating your literature knowledge hand-in-hand.

Fairy lights or lanterns

Popular among teens, fairy lights and lanterns are so common they’re practically ‘Pinterest famous’. Paired with a guitar and retro bed linen, fairy lights convey the aesthetic of a ‘perfect night in’ where movies, ice-cream and a glass of wine are essential!

What do you think of our Pinterest interior rundown – agree or disagree? Let us know!