Nothing gives a room more personality than framed and arranged photographs. Make-over your home with these tips for framing your memories.

The best way to start decorating with photographs is to choose which memories you would love on your walls. Take some time to sit down, reminisce and select the best of the bunch. A beautiful wedding photography album can make a great personalised coffee table book – select your favourites from the bunch to feature on your wall!

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Firstly, have a clear idea which room you would like to display the photographs in. Try avoiding areas with direct sunlight, because your images may fade.

Be prepared with all the necessary tools: measuring tape, hammer, pencil and picture-hanging hooks. If you would prefer not to make marks on the walls, opt for plastic, peel-and-stick hooks.

Mixing & Matching:

Select one type of photos, like colour or black and white. A group of frames, rather than just a few photographs, can create a dynamic display for your wall.

Pick a colour tone from the room, and theme the frames to this palette. Vibrant colours can make a striking difference against a white or plain wall.

If you have different sized frames, experiment with the arrangement. Try to keep equal distances between top and bottom frames for symmetry.

Family tree with frames:

Another option is creating a family tree from frames. Try vintage frames with different textures.

Group the frames in hierarchy of generations, with ribbons or plastic branches connecting. You can buy any of these materials from Spotlight.

The Grid:

For a bold arrangement, try using frames of the same size and grouping them with equal space in between.

Make sure you use the pencil and measuring tape for this – otherwise the arrangement will look awkward and unbalanced!

Corner art:

Create a room border with frames. Use rectangular frames, and hang them vertically along the perimeter of the room at the same height. Be sure to check the levelling as you go!

This can be a dynamic addition to any room, but looks best along the edge of a corridor or hallway.

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