Three years on from the infamous summer of 2011 and the devastating Queensland floods, its now more important than ever that every local knows how to prepare for floods – and to not become complacent.

For some, it’s difficult to even conceive the possibility of flooding affecting their home. However, the Queensland floods were proof that anywhere low-lying, that experiences rain, can flood.

Considering Australia’s turbulent, tropical weather patterns this time of year, flash floods can strike any time without warning. It’s vital to prepare for floods– here’s a simple guide from our friends at Kennards Hire, to ensure you’re ready for when the rain turns to flooding.

1. Assemble an emergency kit

In case of evacuation, you will need essential items including water, medical supplies, sleeping bags and non-perishable food.

2. Construct barriers

To prevent floodwater from entering your home, construct barriers. If you have a basement, seal the walls with waterproofing compounds.

3. Valves

Install check valves to stop flood water from backing up into the drains of your home.

4. Appliances

If possible, elevate electrical appliances in case the lower level of your house becomes flooded.

5. Debris

Remove items such as leaves and debris in your garden that can exacerbate localised flooding

6. Tiling

If you’re in a high-risk area, install tiles in the lower level of your house.

7. Pump

During a flood, consider hiring a silenced pump to stem the flow of flooding.

8. Install a back-up power source.

Consider a back-up power source like a generator.

9. Ensure your house has a safety switch.

10. Have a plan

In case of the worst, create a detailed evacuation plan.

Kennards Hire has a range of equipment that can assist in preparing your home in the event of a flood including water pumps, brooms and sweepers, yard tools, and hire utes for the easy removal of furniture.

For equipment advice, head to Kennards and have a chat to the friendly staff.

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