It’s New Year’s Eve and you still haven’t worked out what you’re going to do – well with our quick tips you can put together the greatest New Year’s party ever in no time at all!

1. Eat, drink and be merry

The most important thing for a good party is making sure your guests have enough food and beverages to enjoy themselves. Even if it’s BYO, putting on a big bowl of punch will give them something else to sip and will be appreciated if they go through their own drinks quicker than they thought. Consider buying a carton of beer or some bottles of wine for a cost effective way to provide for larger groups, and remember – if you’re not providing dinner, there should be enough canapes to keep your guests from going hungry or getting too tipsy (food helps to slow alcohol absorption after all).

2. Decorate to celebrate

Decorations are an easy way to add immediate festivity to your home. Stringing up some balloons, streamers and a glittery “Happy New Year” poster will cost less than $20 and will make the party seem livelier. For even more fun, consider theming your New Year’s Eve party – your guests don’t need to dress up, but hanging a pinata and serving sangria or using only silver decorations are easy ways to theme a party.

3. Sweet tunes to bring in the New Year

Music is crucial to any party – and on this night you don’t even have to worry about keeping your neighbours awake (although if they are elderly or have a young baby it’s still a good idea not to get too rowdy). Think about your guests and what they like listening to; find a middle ground, don’t put on your favourite playlist or anything that will kill the mood. Suffer through Top 40 pop hits if it will keep the mood upbeat and your guests happy.┬áCheck out our list of the best music from 2013 to feature in your New Year’s Eve party playlist!

4. Party favours up the ante

Party poppers, novelty glasses or a scrapbook of memorable moments in 2013 – all these add to the fun and give your guests something to fool around with.┬áSee our list for the top 20 party must-haves to make your New Year’s Eve party truly spectacular!

5. The more the merrier

The most important thing to make your party great is good company. Whether that’s a gathering of your closest few or an open house party to bring in a big crowd of revellers, having happy people at your party will be the biggest impact on the success of your event. Post a status on Facebook offering an open invite – you’ll be surprised how many of your friends won’t have made plans for their New Year’s either!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Staying in, heading out, sleeping through? Let us know!