High teas have become more modern, more casual and more fun! Follow our tips to host your own high tea.

From what was once an event held for the upper class with a rather formal and pompous feel has become a modern way to entertain guests and celebrate special occasions.

Guests can nibble on food, drink tea ( or champagne) and be merry! The now modern social event also can lend itself to themes and games, which can be great fun for any age.

If you’re considering hosting a high tea of your own, follow our tips on becoming the high tea host with the most:

Invite- To set the tone of your high tea, it all starts with the invitation. People will likely make a premature impression of what your high tea will be like from the invite. Give it some effort and thought.

Decor- Even though the high tea has been given a modern twist, they often pay homage to vintage styles. You can decorate with lace, doilies, coloured napkins, antique trinkets or baskets or even vintage-look table and chairs in an outdoor setting. Add a little glamour by adding a couple of vases to the table with red roses or daisies.

China- Matching with the decor of the high tea, the right teapot, cups, plates and silver can make the table stand out. If you are going with the vintage feel, op shops can often have some great finds!

Food- You want to steer clear of hefty meals, it is all about petite and attractive servings. Mini sandwiches, cupcakes, macarons, biscuits, or anything small or sweet that could fit on a napkin while having a chat.

Drink- Although the name suggests tea as the central drink for the event, it’s fine to serve coffee or even champagne! Pick your drinks depending on what theme you have chosen for your high tea, if it’s a celebration why not pop the wine or pink champagne?

Games- The social aspect of a high tea can be made more fun by incorporating a few games. Depending on the occasion you might play a ‘guess that’ game with baby pictures, songs or smells or a quiz on how well you know the host or guest of honour.


What are your tips for hosting a high tea?