Brisbane summers are always sweltering, but with our tips and tricks for keeping cool around the home this summer, you won’t need to break a sweat.

Implement these ideas around the home to keep the house – and all its inhabitants! – nice and cool this summer.

Shades and awnings

These are particularly great for the environment as they prevent heat from entering the home, limiting the need for air-conditioning – which also saves you money on electricity bills!


Installing ceiling and wall insulation is great all-year round, keeping the heat inside in winter and blocking it out in summer. Install in ceilings and walls for an efficient and sustainable way to maintain a temperate home.

Blinds over curtains

An effective choice for keeping the house chilled, blinds are an easy DIY installation and allow light to filter through the windows while preventing heat from entering the room.

Portable fans

Great for tucking into corners and circulating air in smaller rooms, these are a cost-effective way to create a refreshing breeze. With low set-up and operating costs, these are an energy efficient solution for those with a tight budget.

Create a rainforest

Outdoor misting fans work best in dry climates and utilise evaporative cooling technology to reduce air temperature – so you can even keep cool in the garden or on the back deck!

Install ceiling fans

Another useful investment for the whole year, ceiling fans circulate large volumes of air to lower the temperature of a room in summer and evenly distribute heated air that has risen to the ceiling in cooler months.

Close the gap

Sealing gaps and spaces under doors and windows can reduce the need for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Door snakes are simple, low cost way to seal gaps and prevent air escaping from the room.

Maximise your air-con

Set the thermostat temperature between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius and certainly no lower than 23 degrees – each degree of extra cooling in summer increases energy consumption by about five to ten per cent. Remember to clean the front grilles of the indoor unit (about every two weeks in summer), check indoor and outdoor units regularly to ensure nothing is blocking air inlet and outlet points, and remove and clean air filters. Close blinds or curtains and shut all doors and windows to help keep cool air in.

How do you plan on keeping cool this summer? Don’t forget about your furry friends and garden! Let us know your tips for saving energy over summer.