Redecorating with colour has been revolutionised with the new LED lights range from Andrews Light Up.

LED’s are sparking a shift in home lighting with the promise of thousands of hours of light at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Providing light for up to 12 hours, the new LED Lighting Decor range by Andrews Light Up is a unique and fun way to add light and colour to your home – forget the corner standing-lamp, it’s all about the glowing sofa!

Constructed from moulded plastic the designs are funky and futuristic and have in-built colour changing LED lights – you’re in control of your very own living room light show! With the ability to choose from 10 different colours, you can now redecorate your room with the click of a button.

Not only can this change the look of a room, but studies have shown colours can significantly affect mood also. Red is known to raise a room’s energy level and increase appetite while yellow is a cheerful colour that communicates happiness. Blue is known as the most productive colour, but is also considered calming and relaxing as is green, which is believed to relieve stress with its naturally refreshing qualities.

The range’s LED ball lights can be purchased in round, flat or peach shapes and make a great feature ornament that can even be used outdoors to jazz up an outside space. There are also fun furniture pieces in the decor range, including a drum stool and sofa chair – feature pieces that truly light up a room!

Ice buckets and flower pots will add a pop of colour and light to any dinner party or garden room, and the flower pots are well-equipped with drainage so your plants can be watered even with the LED function.

Have fun with your furniture and try introducing a piece from the Andrews Light Up LED Lighting Decor range to add some spark to your decorating!

What’s your favourite piece from the Lighting Decor range? How would you use the colour-change ability to refresh your rooms? Let us know!