Whether your passion is for the traditional lamp or chandelier or you are a convert of the modern designs, the promise of thousands of hours of light at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods has LED sparking a shift in home lighting.

Travis Bishop from Lighting Illusions has seen the move towards new energy efficient options as people look for ways to save on their power bill.

“The most recent step is LED which is actually nothing new, but the technology that has allowed it to produce the light you need for domestic use has really only come about in the past few years,” Bishop says.

“The easiest comparison is if VHS was incandescent, the DVD was the fluoro globe, but LED is like going from VHS to Blu-ray. There has been a drive to produce LED that can be retrofitted and at around 10 watts of power it can be a major saving on your power bill,” he says.

“It can be installed in the smallest of spaces, allowing people to illuminate areas that would have previously required a big fluro but now they can have a fitting 5mm by 2mm and provide an immense amount of light.”

Wide World of Lights director Stephen Camilleri agrees. “Everyone’s so cautious now with energy efficiency and you can save up to 90 per cent of power in comparison to the old incandescent lamps, the LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours and there’s very minimal heat or UV put out by them,” he says.

“We can retrofit almost any fitting which is something we’ve been really trying to develop. The difference between a traditional 60 watt globe and a 10 watt LED light is directly reflected in the power bill, not to mention they need replacing far less often,” Camilleri says.

New products are now rapidly hitting the market,” says Cetnaj product and marketing manager Bobby Cox. “It blows me away how much bigger LED gets each month,” he says. “For quality, performance and price it’s reached the tipping point where people are starting to embrace it.”

It pays to be wary of cheap imports from internet shopping. “Most overseas products don’t have Australian approvals and we’re seeing electrical fires which the insurance company won’t cover,” says Cox. “Most reputable suppliers stick to brands including Sylvania, Pierlite and Atom Lighting that have been tested for quality.”

Practical considerations aside, bespoke fittings (that is, made to specification) are an eye-catching finishing touch to any room, as Steal the Limelight creator and director Stephanie Nichols can attest.

“I started with Florence Broadhurst fabrics and now use designs from Sparkk and some Australian designs,” Nichols says. “Lighting is the finishing touch to a room. People should choose something they love.”