Gone are the days of waiting your turn to log on or use the phone! Tablets are now streaming and surfing at super-fast speed

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Streaming, surfing, downloading, playing movies or music – households are now connecting on a whole new level – and there is a whole range of devices to help them do it.  One of the most popular devices to connect with is a Tablet. 

According to the latest data from the IDC, more Australians are not only purchasing Tablets, they are continuing to choose Tablets over computers.

How many homes have one person browsing the net on a tablet while watching TV and the kids streaming their favourite shows on the iPad or using one of the thousands of apps to play or do homework?

There’s nothing like having a bigger screen for fast and easy bill paying, shopping or catching up on the movies and shows you’ve missed.

So how do you make sure you make the most of this new technology?

At home:

Wi-fi broadband lets you use your tablet in any room and gives the whole family freedom to do what they need where they need.  The best combination is a Telstra Broadband connection utilising Cable 3.0 or ADSL 2+.  Not only do you benefit from super fast speed, but you won’t chew up any of your mobile data allowance on your Tablet plan.

Out and about:

When you’re out and about, for work or play, it’s important to choose a network that delivers speed and coverage – so you can get the most out of your Tablet. With more than double the 4G coverage of other networks, Telstra 4G will let you do that.

To get up to speed today, check out the large range of tablets at Telstra store Toowong, Gallery Level, Toowong Village.  The friendly team will make sure you are on the best data plan for your needs, with a range of options from pre-paid to monthly plans.