When Brisbane interior designer Melinda Boundy came up short in her search for the perfect piece of furniture, the only solution was to create her own.

“The catalyst for it was quality control and the fact we couldn’t find the shapes we wanted in furniture in Australia,” says Melinda Boundy, whose Newstead store Lily G champions a laid-back Hamptons style that sits well in Queensland’s sub-tropical climate.

“Hamptons is very eclectic and whitewash and neutral colours but we bring a lot of greenery into the home as well because we live such an outdoor lifestyle in Queensland,” says Boundy.

Styling clients’ homes in eclectic décor often grounded by substantial statement furniture pieces called for a level of finish Boundy says is often lacking in mass-produced imports. “You can wait eight weeks for something to arrive and I wasn’t happy with what was arriving at my door,” she says. “I was having to send pieces back because they weren’t well-finished.”

Taking matters in to her own hands, Boundy worked with a team of local tradespeople to develop a small range including a wingback chair (which retails for around $3000), boudoir sofa (around $5000) and single chairs, to which she intends to add a few pieces each year.

“I looked at all my favourite shapes and chairs and melded all these shapes (for our range),” says Boundy. “The Lily G wingback chair has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it. It’s upholstered in fabric from award-winning Los Angeles interior designer and star of Million Dollar Decorators Martyn Lawrence Bullard [because] I wanted something that had a real punch to it. [Bullard] saw the range and tweeted me and thought it was wonderful, so that was a feather in our cap.”

Boundy’s also happy to be supporting local furniture production. “We have it all made here in Brisbane so it supports the local artisans and industry. The furniture is all made with sustainable growth timber and recycled wadding, which wasn’t the most affordable way to go but it’s worth the extra cost,” she says.

“It’s hard to compete with mass-produced pieces, but if you’re lucky you can find people with whom you can work well together. We have an upholsterer who’s been in the business for 25 years and I have a symbiotic relationship with my cabinet maker. I’d hate to lose any of my tradespeople now.

“It was refreshing to have control over the end product, just to get that bespoke finish to it.”

Lily G is at 5/9 Longland Street, Newstead.