Homeowners and renovators seeking a new look this summer might consider introducing some blonde highlights.

It’s been said that blondes have more fun and with warmer weather pushing home renovators to revitalize living spaces, blonde hued timbers are an easy way to create a brighter home palette both indoors and out.

Just like a coat of white paint, light timber flooring and decking can add a fresh, neutral canvas for interior design schemes and landscaping, according to Clinton Skeoch from Boral Timber. As a natural material, timber also helps to create a sense of tranquillity.

“Timbers from the ‘blonde palette’ are an attractive option for homeowners wanting to create a sense of openness and space. Lighter timber species, such as Blackbutt, Messmate or Stringybark, can help to open up a small living area to make it appear larger,” Skeoch says. “While darker timber species need lots of artificial or natural light, pale timbers can pick up and accentuate available light.”

Whether traditional, country or modern, timber in lighter shades can add a fresh touch to any design scheme. “Homeowners can create a contemporary Scandinavian look with Blackbutt species, or fashion a French provincial feel with a lighter shade such as Stringybark,”Skeoch says. “Many homeowners choose to use the same species for both timber flooring and decking which creates a continuous flow from indoors to the outside. This is another simple trick for giving the illusion of more space.

“Timber provides a cost-effective, durable flooring solution with both Boral’s timber flooring and decking available in a range of Australian species. Blackbutt has natural fire resistant properties and can be used in bush-fire prone areas rated up to BAL 29*.”