While interior trends have followed fashion for some time, never has there been such an immediate connection between the two, says Soho Interiors Sandra Baston.

“Fashion and homewares have always come together but I think the difference now is everything is happening so quickly, and that’s largely due to social media. Digital printing is a far faster process (than traditional methods) as well so things are getting done so quickly,” she says, adding a custom fabric order is currently being printed in Sydney for a client on a two-week turnaround.

“Trends always seem to happen in fashion first and whereas once upon a time it was 18 months before they filtered through to the home, now it’s a lot quicker. Every year I travel internationally and collect samples from international design houses to remain at the forefront of the latest styles to hit Australian shores,” Baston says.

“But now, by becoming heavily involved in social media and other online channels, I can pre-empt emerging interior trends by keeping abreast of designs from the international catwalk, featuring these looks in Brisbane homes more quickly.

“I’m always on social media. I love the instant gratification of Instragram and I check it every morning and night.”

Access to a wide and ever-evolving selection of fabrics has been the biggest leap in being able to mirror in the home what’s happening in fashion, says Baston. Even more excitingly, fashion designers from Sonia Rykiel to Christian Lacroix and John Paul Gaultier are crossing over to the interiors market, releasing fabrics and wallpapers inspired by their runway collections.

Spring 2013’s monochromatic graphic prints seen in fashion can be translated into black and white wallpaper, a chevron-print vase and geometric print cushions.

“You can cover your sofa or feature wall with a pattern by your favourite designer,” says Baston. “But with plenty of new fashion, and now interior, trends emerging each year, it’s not about re-decorating or refurbishing every season. I prefer to show my clients how they can incorporate new trends that reflect their own personal style timelessly.

“Trends and styles in the major pieces do tend to hang around longer but there are changes in lamps and accessories that are more seasonal.

“A plain base can adapt to any style and be changed regularly, for example neutral-coloured bedding and sofa can be changed with cushions and accessories like vases and lampshades to update it quite often.”