The traditional Japanese art of bonsai will be celebrated at an exhibition in Brisbane.

A Japanese tradition dating back over a thousand years (and derived from the even older Chinese tradition of penjing), bonsai is, basically, the art of growing and cultivating a miniature tree in a container.

The meticulously shaped trees are an absolute wonder to behold — and soon you’ll be able to see some of the very best assembled together in the same place.

The Bonsai Society of Queensland, in partnership with The Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs (AABC), will be showcasing some of the best bonsai from around South East Queensland and Northern Rivers as part of the AABC 2017 National Bonsai Convention.

The National Bonsai Exhibition will be held at the Royal on the Park Hotel (152 Alice Street, Brisbane) on Saturday 20 May and Sunday 21 May from 9am to 4pm. Admission is $5 at the door.